Burning Leaves of Empty Fawns


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released December 8, 2013

Ricky - Vocals, Guitars
Mora - Vocals, Basses
Pole - Drums
Elio - Guitars

Produced by Jonathan Mazzeo & FANKAZ

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by
Jonathan Mazzeo @ Mathlab Recording Studio - Italy

Mastered by
Jonathan Mazzeo @ Mathlab Recording Studio - Italy


Riccardo Daga

Alessio from BLEED SOMEONE DRY on "Breath Out, Breath In", "The Comedian", "Now, Think", "I'm So Fuckin' Pissed Off"

Libero and Mattero from ACTIONMEN on "Hawaian's Flower"

Martina Ardizzoni from DECODE on "Lost Memories"

Gang Vocals by Jonny, Ferro, Ricky, Pole and Mora

Marcello Venditti

Alessandro "POLE" Poletti (Poledigitalpix - www.poledigitalpix.com)

(P) Warner / Chappel Music

Label & Management:
www.overdubrec.com - info@overdubrec.com
www.wormholedeath.com - info@wormholedeath.com



all rights reserved


FANKAZ Ferrara, Italy

Hardcore/punk band since 2003.

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Track Name: 02 - A World on Fire

where did it go the passion in what you do.
you don't see the reality of things, and you believe that your world is real.
I've always believed that this dream would never end.

we've fought too many times we could give up right now.

don't look at me with your empty eyes,
eaten by your hollow dead hopes.
and when you look around you,
the forest will be on fire.

will be on fire, everything will be on fire

today! tonight! everything is gonna be alright!
Don't close your eyes and let the flames save the world

we've fought too many times we could give up right now.

don't look at me with your empty eyes, eaten by your hollow dead hopes.
and when you look around you, the forest will be on fire.

will be on fire, a world on fire, everything will be on fire
Track Name: 03 - We Are Broken

look out, the world is changing, in something never seen before.
Don’t you feel the paranoia? a storm is coming.
no one has yet noticed or maybe he doesn’t want to see it.
be careful and ready to fight.

I found a glimmer of hope,
something i can believe in.
we will realize a new reality,
with our own strength
and no matter what they say.

Don’t tell me that you think it’s totally useless.
I've heard these words, and don’t share them.
each of us must do his part,
no matter how it goes,
no matter where we are,
what really matters is our future,
free and shared with the world.
take the courage, break the barriers, find the words.

we are broken
we live our lives waiting for something
we are hopeless
we are fighting for something good
Track Name: 04 - Breath out, Breath In feat. Bleed Someone Dry

breath out,
the fear is gone,
it took a moment to make you realize what really matters.

what makes us special, we can find it only
when we decide to break up our beliefs.

find new solutions, sometimes everything is easier
when you manage to make peace with our past.
and finally when you find your peace, you can let in the true emotions.

breath in, drowning, and whatever comes is just a lie, I want to create my own future and let's make it lasts forever.

when you hear that song that makes you raise your head,
you will look forward to walking on the notes you hear.

there is no toil, no sadness, just pure freedom.
you'll sing 'til you can't speak and you'll learn to fly.
Track Name: 05 - The Saviour of the South Pole

I'm sorry mom, I stopped protecting the whales.
I looked into their eyes and I was afraid,
falling into the black.

Yesterday i saw a polar bear,
and he looked into my eyes, he wanted to kill me.
He saw what was wrong, I'm sure.

Tonight I ran away looking for myself,
I tried to pull out everything,
I screamed to the heaven and the penguins saved me.
last night I found the answers,
I saved a wolf.

maybe there is something more in what we see on the surface
we let ourselves be fooled by appearances and the darkness takes over

I understood your message, my friend
we can save them all
scream together.
let's do it together.
Track Name: 06 - A Treatise On How To Leave People In Peace

I wake up in a sunny day when everything seems to go wrong.
while you scream no sense things directly on my face.

I'm not listening to you.
a melody caught my mind.
and while I'm watching you now.

I'll scream in your face
the song of my consciousness
maybe it's a mistake
but this time you'll know how i feel.

and when this melody
will dive into your heart
Come with me, now you can breathe,
it's the sound….of my peace
Track Name: 07 - Calcall It Boredom

There are days when I lay still.
Void is fixed as if I was empty inside.
my aspirations, my thoughts, everything is fucked up
I wonder if this makes sense.

I must wake up, I'd wake up, I should move .
this time i'm not giving up!

I realize that I cannot stay there,
I must react, move my ass
and take back the time I lost.

maybe I can call it boredom, or maybe it's just a moment,
when my brain tells me to sit still.
my aspirations, my thoughts, everything is fucked up.
i'll make my way back home
Track Name: 08 - The Comedian feat. Bleed Someone Dry

Tonight a comedian was found dead on the road,
we don't know who did it but we know why.
He had understood, the violence of our soul
he had become a parody.
The comic will be the last who laughs.

rit: :
Forgive me,
I ruined our evening,
we should have fun.
we cannot laugh.
Tonight, a comedian died.

the comedian laughed at last, and died like a dog on the sidewalk.
after doing horrible things, after becoming a parody
of the human soul.
the comic will die
Track Name: 09 - Now, Think feat. Bleed Someone Dry

down!!everything is falling down,
sick of the scent of their thoughts.
Drown!we follow the leader like a pack of fools.

now tell me the truth.
now give me the prove

it's my duty
it’s criticism
inside your head.
this is your life!

no one can turn back

Think!they cover their lies with a stupid smile
Remember!what they have done and don't forget a single moment

Now it's your time,
write your story,
take the light and bring them to life
take the light
and bring them to life

now tell me the truth.
now give me the prove
Track Name: 10 - I'm so Fuckin' Pissed Off!!! feat. Bleed Someone Dry

what happened to my words?
they are my answer to my questions,
they’re full of hope and passion
and they’re born directly from my heart
to tell the world what is right for me.

i really appreciate if i changed myself
but I am not very sure about this fact
maybe i changed my clothes or my shoes
i think i'm pissed off!!

lost million miles away from reality
maybe i'm just singing a drama song for myself
to make some stupid inventions
that can regive me my intentions
Track Name: 11 - Break Your Chains

everything I do is wrong for you,
I'm trying in every way to do things I've never done before
and all i got is only humiliation.
for every step I've taken forth,
you break my legs and my trust.

I’ve often lost my way, facing so much hatred,
but I decided to believe in what I do.
I don’t care if you gimme pains

Rit: Each time I fall i'm reborn stronger than before and
I wan’t give you
the satisfaction of watching me fail
I'll be able to say "fuck off!".

I will believe in myself and my courage
will burn everyone against me.
You and this shitty town, you'll never kill our dreams.
These notes will give us the strength to break this chains!
Track Name: 12 - Lost Memories feat. Martina Ardizzoni

it was just after 10 pm
he looked at her one last time

the time seems to stand still
every moment seems like a life

she asks "where is he"
and i don't know what to say
she asks "how is he"
and i can't tell her the truth

the light in her eyes was lifeless
maybe she didn't realize immediately
but from that moment everything started fading too fast.

rit:now she is alone, because
her love of a lifetime is gone
and I can't help but hope
so this sorrow will end,
they'll be together again.

his memory will not leave
This pain drives she crazy

and she cries every day
'cause she waits for him to come home
Track Name: 13 - Hawaian's Flower feat. Actionmen

I was thinking of doing something on me
and I discovered that I have a flower on the shoulder,
maybe if I put it in water, it will grow the whole plant.
Today, the air sucks, but maybe my plant could make it better,
making me breathe.
and think that his favorite place is to Hawaii.

I think I'd feel far better,
with no one breaks my balls, telling me how they feel, even when I do not care at all.
But one thing is for sure, on an atoll, with my guitar in hand no one could say anything.

With my own guitar in my hand, I'll play my song of opportunity and a flower will blossom in the world
Track Name: 14 - Behind Her Eyes

i thought I had a thicker skin
but i'm so weak without you
what a fool!!

i let my heart win
why did you choose me?
you can tear my ears

Rit: behind her eyes
i found a reason why
i put my heart in a game
and i’ll find myself.

behind her eyes
change me tonight
carry me away
and i’ll find myself again.

I know I'm really stubborn
I'm not an easy person
to understand!!!

but you can see inside me
without even saying a word